Is it time for you to share your story? 

Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book?  

This all-inclusive package is designed to pull out your ideas, structure your book, Get it Done and position you for #1 in 9 - 12 months! - And you don't even have to write a word, if you don't want to!

Get Clear On Your Unique Message
Get Your Book Written From Start to FInish
Get Published and Positioned for #1

Every new author feels overwhelmed at first.  The Best-Selling Diva Package helps you START, FINISH and PUBLISH that book now! 

Work one-on-on with Get it Done Diva, Marianne Emma Jeff, Author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Books "Brand Me!" and  "The Get it Done Diva's Guide to Business" and founder of the Women's Business Momentum Center.  Marianne has been helping Diva's write best selling books for over a decade and has fine tuned the process so that it's simple, easy and powerful.

Through a series of private VIP days, Marianne will help you get clear on your message and get your book written from start to finish and published.

This program is ALL-INCLUSIVE meaning, you won't need to write a word yourself (unless you want to).

Learn the Strategies to Accelerate Your Idea into a #1 Best-Seller

Is it time to share your story?

Everyone has an IDEA for a book within them - but few people ever write that book and become published authors.  Too often they try to do it alone and run out of timelose motivation or get stuck on what to do next.  

The Best-Selling Diva Package gives you all the resources you need to start your book, get it written, edited and published.  We tease your ideas out into a clear message and outline it into a powerfully structured book.  Get expert advice, the space to write your book, ghost writing (if needed), accountability and the strategies to take your book all the way from idea to best-seller!

What's Included in the Best Selling Diva Package?


  • VIP DAYS - private coaching pulls your book out of you with ease
  • Ghost writing (when necessary). The space and guidance to write your book OR Ghost writing if you prefer not to write a word
  • Full Editing
  • Info-graphics within the book
  • Cover Design
  • Formatted for a hard-copy version
  • Conversion to Kindle
  • Submitted to Amazon
  • Formatted Table of Contents
  • Clickable links in ebook (Kindle) version

INVESTMENT:  $19,999

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BONUS #2 | Launch Package


Want extra help promoting your book the right way?  

The Launch Package gives you the tools you need to get your book to #1 and helps get your message out into the world in a BIG way.


What's Included: 

  • Research best Amazon Categories for your book
  • List building strategy built into the book to engage new prospects
  • A sales page to promote your book on your website
  • Proven Strategy to accelerate you to #1 Best Seller (not guaranteed)
  • Email Marketing campaign to promote your book
  • Email Marketing campaigns to up sell from your book
  • List Building Strategies built into your book to grow your list
  • Social Media posts done 4 you ready to post to help you launch your book

Investment: $4,999  $0.00

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