Are You Ready to Partner with Success?

Hello Superstar! If you are a woman in business who is ready to reach the milestones in your business quicker and easier and have more FUN doing it then I would love to be your partner in success.

  • I am here to be your thinking partner as you lean into your BIG dreams and outline a clear and simple strategic plan built around what's important to you.
  • I will show up each week ready to explore how you can make better use of your time and upgrade your actions based on the experience you have had experimenting with your plan the week before.
  • I am not afraid to challenge you to raise your standards, honor your values and unleash your MOMENTUM, every day.

Coach with me and remember how to be unstoppable, unapologetic and unforgettable as you live life at a level 10!


Business Coaching Packages

Business Coaching to Harness Your BIG Ideas, Master Your Time and Upgrade Your Actions

Month to Month Business Coaching 

Upgrade your commitment to your business.  Step up to a monthly commitment to working ON growing your business.


  • 3 Coaching Sessions Every Month (25 minutes each via Zoom)

  • 3 new sessions added every month.


INVESTMENT: $600 Monthly 

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90 Days of Momentum

Create change and unleash your unstoppableness! Team up with The Get it Done Diva to create massive momentum over the next 90 days.  Focus on a project or show up with just a desire for more and we will design, implement and upgrade your plan to achieve your goals with ease, fun and consistent action so that you can live a legendary life!


  • 2 VIP Days (3 Hours via Zoom)

  • 90 Minute Intensive (90 Minutes via Zoom)

  • 10 - 25 minute coaching sessions (25 minutes via Zoom)


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Get intense, personal attention to work 1:1 with the Get it Done Diva and focus the day on your project, goal or plan!


  • 3-Hour VIP Day (via Zoom)


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Meet Your Coach

"Hello! I am a plan-driven business productivity coach. That means I co-create a clear blueprint with my clients to make sure we are both (literally) on the same page.

Working with me as your coach will allow you to:

  • upgrade your relationship with time
  • enjoy more clarity and confidence around every level of your business
  • achieve your goals quicker and easier
  • have more FUN!


Schedule a Complimentary 25-min Strategy Session

Whether you want to define your niche and own your brand, get more clients, map out a new business modelcreate a signature online (or offline) course, deliver motivating presentations or write a best selling book - I  will get you in...and keep you in... MOMENTUM!

Be warned.  I will expect you to show up ready to PLAY at every session.  I will hold you to your word.  I will expect you to give your best and I will engage the high performer within you."

Marianne Emma Jeff (AKA The Get it Done Diva) specializes in working with women who want to stand out as experts and leaders in their industry.  She shows them how to upgrade their relationship with time so that they can achieve their goals quicker and have more FUN!

A Clear Roadmap to Guide Your Success!

When you partner with Marianne you will enjoy not only great aha moments but also the substance, strategic planning and accountability to implement them.  Marianne uses her signature MOMENTUM process8 Levels to Legendary Checklist and over 30 Business Growth Tools to move clients forward and identify dangerous gaps in their business. Having a clear system also allows her clients to enjoy always knowing their next action step so they can stay in consistent action through the Stages of Business Growth with as much ease and FUN as possible!

Managing Your Team

As business owners we have to create a lot of marketing materials, social media content, websites and images such as logo's for our company as well as our products and services.  

What I have noticed is that once I begin coaching a client pretty quickly we identify some gaps in their marketing or business model that demand... stuff!  Getting stuff done whether you hire someone or do it yourself often really slows things down.  In can even bring projects to a screeching halt...for years if you are not careful!

That is exactly why I use a 90 Day Power Plan with all my clients to track their projects, deliverables and next actions.  By using this tool regularly in our coaching session I show my clients exactly how to stay on top of all the stuff that needs to get done and upgrade how they oversee projects themselves.  All so that they stay in forward MOMENTUM and nothing slips through the cracks.

Schedule a Complimentary 25-Minute Strategy Session

  • Lean into your BIG dreams
  • Discover what motivates you
  • Unapologetically face your challenges
  • Explore how to unleash your level 10 Momentum, every day!

We will spend 15 minutes coaching and then debrief for 10 minutes so that you can hold onto the insights that are uncovered and define your next three action steps. This time is also reserved for any questions you have about coaching or resources that I feel would be a good for you.

Schedule a Complimentary 25-min Strategy Session