Are Your Ready to Create a Plan for 2023 That You Can OWN!

Shift From Setting Goals to OWNING Them?

Re-align with your goals (or create new ones) elevate your ideas, upgrade your vision and unlock your Momentum!

Own Your Dreams Retreat 

Saturday Dec 3 - Monday Dec 5, 2022 | Own Your Dreams 

CARLSBAD INN BEACH RESORT | 3075 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA, 92008


Renew your energy, ideas and commitment to your goals, dreams and projects so that you can bring fresh energy, ideas and inspiration to your personal and professional life.


Reimagine new ways of approaching your current goals or perhaps give yourself permission to imagine new ones that are a better fit for where you are right now.


Reconnect with the why behind your goals and allow your passion to refuel so that you can move forward with ease and joy towards your goal.


An inspiring and exhilarating three-day retreat that allows you to leverage your natural Momentum as you  take ownership of your goals, dreams and desires.

At the Own Your Dreams Retreat a small group of professional women come together to enjoy three days of LUXURY, FUN, CONNECTION, INSPIRATION and MOMENTUM. Enjoy workshop sessions and fun events to energize your goals, ideas and OWN your MOMENTUM!

During this powerful retreat take part in guided visioning, inspiring workshops and fun rituals to celebrate and shift from setting goals to owning them as you ignite your MOMENTUM.  

All while enjoying the opportunity of free time to relax, walk on the beach and reflect , chill in the hot tub, poolside or connect and have great conversation by the fire pit.


Reignite your passion for your ideas. Energize your vision. Plug back into your goals, upgrade your projects and increase your productivity!

Leave feeling confident, excited and clear ready to exceed your goals by the end of 2022!

📌  celebrate your success with an inspiring group of women and invite each other to create more MOMENTUM  

📌  accelerate your actions, create more consistency and increase your results in 2023


Facilitated by Marianne Emma Jeff

Marianne Emma Jeff is the CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center, a #1 Best Selling Author and Award Winning Speaker.

All instructions and materials are provided for you during the retreat as well as a fun, safe, positive environment that is perfect for growth and reflection.


Joanna Vargas
Producer, Owner of Live Fully Academy and The Get Up Girl

"The IGNITE Retreat with Marianne was AMAZING!..."

Thesy Surface
Writer, Actress

"You are amazing!!! That is all. Your programs are engines to my progress and success. I feel really blessed to have you in my life. It's called MOMENTUM for a reason!"

Ignite 2022 Retreat

Saturday Dec 3 - Monday Dec 5, 2022 | Own Your Dreams

IGNITE 2022 is for Professional Women Who Want to OWN Their MOMENTUM



  • Three Days of Workshops to IGNITE your natural MOMENTUM and bring your goals, projects and ideas to life. 
  • Catered gourmet lunch Sunday and Monday
  • Workbook to hold onto your ideas, insights and vision and use as a road map after you leave to create massive MOMENTUM!

Ignite 2023 | Conference Pass

Three day conference pass.  Does not include accomodation.


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Own Your Dreams | VIP Conference Package

  • 3 day conference pass
  • Accommodation (Saturday + Sunday in your own private room)
  • Lunch Sunday and Monday
  • VIP Saturday night mixer.
  • VIP Sunday night dinner


(5 Monthly Payments of $500)

$1.997 | One Payment

Own Your Dreams | Conference + Accommodation Package


  • 3 day conference pass
  • Shared Accommodation 2 ladies per room (Saturday + Sunday)
  • Lunch Sunday and Monday
  • We will select your awesome room-mate or you can request to be roomed with a friend after registration


Nicola Borland
Photographer, Entrepreneur

"Marianne challenges me when I need it and guides me when I need a softer touch too."

Lynn Alloy
Health Coach

"Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to discover and live my why!"